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Help Meet the Needs of the World's Most Vulnerable

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Dr. Celeste's Backstory

While completing my doctoral studies I was required, with my colleagues, to participate in a spiritual retreat at a massive farm. We were given little direction, "just find somewhere to be alone with God". I wandered off to a barn filled with discarded equipment and tools. While sitting there the Lord impressed on my heart that just as these tools have been forgotten and left behind, so have many of his children. He further implored me to make it my life's mission to serve the "least of these".

Today, our organization has the distinct privilege of serving the hungry, those living with leprosy, or in remote villages in Africa, or those being sex-trafficked. We get the opportunity serve the discarded and marginalized letting them know that God has not forgotten them.

Won't you help us to meet the needs of the most vulnerable?

We thank you in advance for your support!